I tend to focus more on the ‘Creating and Selling’ side of illustration. However, I have done a few commissions and find it a nice break from constantly trying to make new things, and work on a brief for someone else!

Tara Deighton

These are sample pages from a zine i made for Tara Deighton, for a Bridal & Bespoke fair at St Mary in the Castle, Hastings. Using photographs taken by Georgina Piper to advertise all the vendors of the fair and explain the event. https://www.taradeighton.co.uk/ & https://georginapiperphotography.co.uk/

Butane Regulators!

Butane Regulators are a Hastings based band and I was lucky enough to do some artwork for them based on the invention of the Little Boy and Fat Man bombs which were dropped on Hiroshima.